The Idea

As a growing arts retreat, we're looking for help!  We need two energetic interns to help with everything from building to beekeeping, from gardening to greeting guests, from wedging clay to washing cups.  These interns will spend part of each day, helping us move both The Cedars (the location) and BeetleBarrow Studios (the organization) along.  And then will spend the rest of the day exploring their own artistic pursuits in our studios - ceramic, wood, and fibre - or enjoying the wonders of cottage life.  Once done, the interns will have the skills to work in a resort setting, the understanding of what it takes to run a small arts organization, and a taste of the artist’s life!

The internships run from the beginning of May until the end of August.   If you're interested in being one of these interns (or know someone who might be), email us!   You can read about our 2018 interns’ - Matt Scully and Sara Malak - experiences on their blog.

You Get

  • Room and Board

  • Studio Space (ceramics, wood, fibre)

  • Use of Equipment (but you provide most of your own materials)

  • 1 day off per week / 1 week off during the internship

  • Regular Instruction/Feedback

  • Use of bicycles, internet, phone, etc.

You Give

  • 5 hours of general labour per day (includes studio and grounds maintenance, gardening, housekeeping, cooking, construction, etc.)

  • approximately 4 hour of work per week on a 'special project' - an area of interest, chosen by you, that further develops some area of the arts centre. (i.e. build a raku kiln or outdoor pizza oven, specialize in kombucha making or mushroom cultivation, explore backstrap looms or box making jigs - the possibilities are endless. Within reason, we cover the cost of materials, as the project equipment remains onsite at the end of the internship)

  • 1 piece of your art work, created during your internship, for our collection.

You Must Have:

  • A valid driver's license

  • A solid working knowledge in your primary art area

  • A sense of humour - we're a little on the silly side, and think a good joke gets funnier each time you tell it. (But not puns. Puns aren't funny. Well, except Matt’s puns. But he’s the only one who is allowed to pun.)

  • Ability to be flexible and accommodating - things change quicker than the weather around here, and we'd love that to be easy for you.

  • Good (english) communication skills

Please apply by submitting by March 1, 2019:

  • a cover letter describing why this internship would be a good fit for you, your area of art interest, and what you bring to the table. (bonus points for style! humour! and good grammar)

  • your resume

If you are shortlisted for this internship, we will contact you by March 3 to arrange a time to speak on the phone, and you will be asked for two references, with whom we will also want to speak.  

Selected interns will know by March 15, 2019