Healing Through The Arts
(Sep 21-23)

Come and frolic in the great outdoors and reconnect with the vibrant energy inside you. Through rejuvenation and play, move into a new season with radical kindness, fierce compassion, and self care. Filled with vitality and sassy flare this weekend offers a space to rejuvenate, create, relax and connect to your heart.


Rejuvenate:  Enjoy stillness tucked away in a quiet oasis or watching the water. Move your body during gentle morning yoga and delve into experiences with mindfulness and meditation practices. Bonfires will light the night, and burn away those things best left behind.  Meals will be full of homemade, homegrown healthiness. Take the time to breathe deeply and enjoy. 

Play: To inspire our creative soul we will bind our own journal, and begin to use it.  We’ll eco-dye a swath of natural fabrics.  To bring some personal pampering home with us, we’ll make a body scrub and hand soap.  Using the harvest bounty we will turn nature’s cornucopia into a jar of wonder to enjoy for the following year to come. 


Relax:  In the between times, stretch out in the hammock with a book.  Sit on the dock and contemplate the cosmos. Paddle through the morning mist.  Walk through the forest while photographing small wonders.  Spend time and care for your beautiful self.

Cost: This retreat costs $285 and includes all materials, meals, activities, and instruction.