Fibre ARts
(Jun 22- 24)

If you've a love of fabrics or fibres and you're looking to explore the possibilities offered by creative play, this retreat is for you.  


Fabric Bowls - We'll start by making a fabulous and functional fabric bowl. These bowls offer endless possibilities, and are a perfect opener for our creative juices. 


Eco Dyeing - We'll head out onto the property to find ourselves the supplies for eco-dyeing a yard of fabric.  Try your hand at this exciting ecologically responsive art.  


Wet Felting - Next we will learn to wet felt beautifully soft merino wools and other gorgeous fibres. We'll explore what to make with the resulting work. Prepare to be amazed at how simple materials and motions create stunning results.


Nuno or Cobweb Scarf - Once we've learned the basics of wet felting, we'll choose to either try nuno felting a scarf (blending silks and wools) or making a cobweb scarf (just wools). The end project is lightweight yet luxurious.  


Exploration: Once we've tried our hands at each of these, we'll spend the last workshop further exploring one of them... whichever appeals to you most!

Costs: This retreat costs $295.  All materials are provided.