Advanced Bookbinding
(Aug 24-26)

Delve further into the usual three styles of hand-bound books (western, coptic, and Japanese), exploring interesting variations.  Try out some quick folded and fun forms.  And add one or two new bindings to your collection (like the Hidden Belgian, or Leather Longstitch, etc) in our hands on workshops and walk away with a delightful selection of 9-12 books you have made.


Hardcover Western - Folded paper is hand sewn into a text block and covered using book cloth and beautiful papers. This is the book style that you are most familiar with.  And the comment we hear most often from participants about the books they've made themselves is 'no-one is going to believe I made this myself!  It's so beautiful!"  Once we've brushed up on our basics, we will play with the altered western - a book that plays with traditional techniques but breaks all the rules!  A joy for the artist, the altered western offers lots of room to play  

01 Coptic orations.jpg

Coptic - A perfect binding for hard covers, We will transform vinyl records, game boards, etc into book covers and bound with an exposed decorative stitch. In this workshop we will also explore text wraps, or inclusions, adding variety to the insides of your books.  We'll also look at 'fancy' stitch options!

Japanese Stab - The Japanese stab is a satisfying book to learn to bind, and has infinite variations.  We'll show you a couple of useful modern tricks to make the most of this ancient binding technique!  We'll spend some time showing you how tricky-looking stitches can be surprisingly quick!

Other Advanced Forms - Depending on the group's experience and interests, we will explore one or two additional book forms!  Don't worry - there's always something new to learn!  Last year we had a blast with the Hidden Belgian.  For those of you returning (again!!), you'll just have to wait and see what I've got up my sleeves for this year!


Materials:  Indulge in our wide selection of Japanese, vintage, scrapbooking, and handmade papers. Explore the collection of buttons, beads, pendants, and fimo creatures you can attach. Rummage through our box of closures to make your book secret and safe. From book cloth to book boards, from album covers to birchbark, let our collection inspire you.  

Tools:  All of the tools you'll need will be here for your use. All you need to bring is your creativity. We also have tool kits and bookbinding kits for sale.

Cost:  This retreat costs $280 and includes all materials and use of tools.  


If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please email me.  

 Here's what our 5 bookbinding participants created in the weekend!  

Here's what our 5 bookbinding participants created in the weekend!