Delve further into the usual three styles of hand-bound books (western, coptic, and Japanese), exploring interesting variations.  Try out some quick folded and fun forms. And add one or two new bindings to your collection (like the Hidden Belgian, or Leather Longstitch, etc).  Walk away with a delightful selection of 9-12 books you have made. This will be the 8th year we’ve offered this workshop, and it’s still our favourite!  If you’re interested, move quickly, because it sells out fast!

What Will I Learn?

Depending on the group's experience and interests, we will push the traditional bindings and explore new book forms (yes, if you’ve got a specific burning desire, let me know, and we’ll make sure it’s on the list.)  There's always something new to learn!

Last year we had a blast with the Hidden Belgian, Buttonhole Binding, and French Link Stitch.  For those of you returning (again!!), you'll just have to wait and see what I've got up my sleeves for this year!  But I’ve been playing with ‘complicated’ Japanese stab bindings, and there are some beauties out there! And I’ve taken Kate’s interest in pockets quite seriously this year!

Also, like last year, we’ll explore creating and working with our own book cloth.  

What Sort of Tools and Materials Will We Be Using?

Indulge in our wide selection of Japanese, vintage, scrapbooking, and handmade papers. Try out hand dyed silks and cottons to make book cloth.  Test the differences of stitching with cotton, linen, hemp, or silks. Use lined, preprinted, graph, or blank paper. Explore the collection of buttons, beads, and ribbons you can attach.  Rummage through our box of closures to make your book secret and safe. From book cloth to book boards, from album covers to birchbark, let our collection inspire you.

But yes, by all means, bring things that have inspired you.  Bits of unfinished art. A prized piece of handprinted paper.  Or your grandmother’s tatted doilies. We’ll explore how to incorporate it all.  

As always all of the tools you'll need - awls, knives, bone folders, drills, etc - will be here for your use. All you need to bring is your creativity.

Is this Retreat for Me?

This retreat is designed for artists who have previously attended one of the bookbinding retreats at The Cedars or bookbinders with a good grasp of the basic forms.  

What Will I Bring Home with Me?

That is entirely up to you!  How are you planning on working this year - are you playing with techniques or focusing on finishing projects?  Typically, our bookbinders go home with 9-12 hand bound books.

Cost: $290, includes all tools and materials
Accommodations are priced seperately
Register by emailing