The Rices are a Family of Friends

During my last full day at The Cedars, I wander around Cookhouse waiting for my popcorn to finish popping. I see the fresh rhubarb crumble cake sitting on the stove, a container of fresh tomatoes from the tomato plants that I planted in the kitchen garden months ago, and a pile of envelopes containing all of the Woman’s Book Art Collective submissions. Looking out the window towards the lake, I see drawings on the glass made by Chandra’s nieces. On the glass is also written “The Rice’s are a Family of Friends” and it hit me.

This place feels like my home.

Everyone that I have met here has been so accepting and loving no matter what. Up until this moment my mind had been blocking the fact that I am actually leaving the next day, but this just let me realize that although I’m leaving, I feel like apart of their family now. The Cedars and the Rice’s have made a huge impact in my life and I have no way to be able to thank them enough for how they have impacted me.

This summer my confidence has greatly risen, I’m able to talk to adults now without being scared, I know that nothing (and I mean NOTHING) will shock me anymore, and I’ve become so much more motivated. At the beginning of the summer I was tired from doing school work, I was fed up with classes and everything, but the work that Chandra had Sara and I doing and the energy that Chandra provides has made me motivated to not only go back to school but to put in as much effort as I can in to my school work. 


Sara is someone I never expected to be friends with. When I first met her we were both quiet and awkward and we look like total opposites, but since our chaotic trip to Coburg we have just been getting closer and closer. I’m so glad she came to the Cedars for the internship because we get along so well and she is now a really close friend of mine. It will be weirdest not to see her first thing every morning, or her asking me “what are we having for lunch” every day. 

The last days anywhere feel weird, but here especially. The Cedars has become a home and the people around me have become a family, but I know it’s time for me to move on in my own adventure of life. Although that doesn’t mean I won’t come and visit every chance I get. 

  • by Matt Scully