Next Stop, Cobourg!

You know when you see something really cool and as soon as you start enjoying it you immediately stop and think, I have to take a picture of that!

Or maybe you don’t... Maybe it’s a millennial thing. I don’t know.

Anyway, I had a lot of those moments yesterday.  Sure, we can talk a lot about photo documentation in this instagram-and-photo-filter era, and my generation’s obsession with constantly snapping photos of anything and everything, and the absurd idea that if it’s not documented then it didn’t happen, and bla bla bla bla blaaaa... which by the way, has seeped into your generation too... whoever you are... reading this... right now...

Unless you are of Jim and Robin’s generation (who I will probably talk about another time) but in that case your generation doesn’t have that problem, it has other problems, like getting technology to work, which isn’t really a problem seeing as how millennials google how to wash apple and can’t get sewing machines to work, but if you are of that generation, then you’re free to judge us as much as you want, for now...

ANYWAY back to the real story.

I had a lot of “oh I should get my phone out and take a picture of this!” moments yesterday. Who am I kidding, you don’t really think it, you just do it. So I did, for the most part. I wanted to do a whole lot more of it, but I guess I'm glad I was in the drivers seat and couldn’t just get my phone out whenever I wanted to because that way I got to enjoy the roads, the colours, the air blowing into the car, our voices blowing out of the car as we screamed the lyrics of songs out of the windows and most importantly I got to laugh my head off with Matt.

But let’s start at the beginning. So here we are, me and Matt, (the other intern), driving down to pick some stuff from Dancing Bee, and then off to pick up some artwork from the Art Gallery in Cobourg.

... Now 24 hours ago, I had absolutely no idea what those words meant or even how to pronounce Cobourg.  But now after driving around for four hours, reading sign after sign of “Cobourg” “welcome to Cobourg” “next exit, Cobourg” “Cobourg in 10k” and hearing the gps go “Cobourg” “Cobourg” “Cobourg” and listening to Matt ask directions to the Art Gallery in “Cobourg”, I am not only pronouncing Cobourg like a professional, but feel like it’s only right to at least name my future dog Cobourg and if I’m lucky enough maybe even my son....

So anyway, here we are getting ready to drive through the beautiful scenic routes of Campbellford and I see Matt, as usual going for the music, trying to figure out what we could listen to as we make our way to the mysterious and unknown land of Cobourg, and I spot a Lord of the Rings soundtrack and it immediately catches my eye. Lucky enough, Matt and I are both huge Lord of the Rings fans and are not only excited to listen to it the whole way, but are already planning a Lord of the Rings marathon that involves lots of popcorn, candy and little sleep.

Neither of us had any idea how our day was going to go, but what seemed as a possibly boring and long car ride turned out to be a fun adventure with much laughter as we cruised through the green towns of 60km per hour with the dramatic Lord of the Rings soundtrack and only with Matt would that be as hilarious as it was.

Of course, as with long car rides, it was only right to get lost and have to ask for directions, because not even the great and mighty google maps could figure out where Dancing Bee was.

We made our way through cute little towns, stopped to look at a fair in Cobourg, and on our way back, made a stop at McDonald’s.

As we were on our way back, Matt and I started to recognize the sites we had seen as we were driving in the beginning; the huge red flea market ranch building randomly in the middle of a large green land, the painfully slow 60km per hour roads, and the Lord of the Rings soundtrack starting all over again to dramatize our return back to Campbellford.

The best part though was crossing the Campbellford bridge after what felt like being gone for ages and seeing the artisan bakery, the Sharpe’s grocery store, and the other familiar local shops; it felt good to be back home again. 

  • by Sara Malak