Crowe River Rapids

I thought I had seen some of the most beautiful sights in The Cedars, which I have, but the rapids down the street from us are honestly the most breathtaking. Both literally and figuratively breathtaking. But let’s start from the beginning of the day…


Waking up, Sara and I thought it would be just a normal work day but Chandra’s sister is up and nothing ever fully goes according to plan here. Chandra’s sister (who also happens to be named Sara, just so that all of us are confused at all times) invites Sara and I to the rapids with her, Chandra, Chandra’s son Jake, her friend, her friends children, and her children. A huge group yes, but a fun group. The drive there was interesting, I drove Chandra’s car down with a group in the back and we drove the crazy conversation filled 5 minute drive in to the park. 

Of course as soon as we get there and grab all of our things, Sara (Chandra’s sister) gets talking with a woman who has just biked her way from Peterborough and is about to weed around some thousands of trees she had planted. She has more to say about the area than Sara needs to hear, so we leave Chandra to chat with that woman for a while, and continue to the water.

Seeing the rapids was so amazing, the bright blue of the sky creating a deep blue in the water. The water was running fast but that didn’t stop any of us. Slowly we all sink slowly from the roasting heat above the water to the cool refreshing flow.

The best part of the day had to be when Chandra sat up on a ledge and created a tunnel for many of us to get under the ledge before the water pushed us away. Once in the tunnel, the water rushing is so loud and strong, but you feel safe in under the ledge. It feels like you’re behind a huge waterfall although most of us were way to big to be back under the ledge in the first place so it definitely wasn’t a huge waterfall. Once you were ready to go out, you could just go in to the water ahead of you and it would quickly push you out the other side back in to the real world.


Back in the real world I could see Sara (the intern) and Jake wandering about together having fun, and Sara (Chandra’s sister) watching over her youngest girl, Harper. Ruby (Chandra’s niece) comes over and clings to me because the water is so strong, and Sara’s friends are in the water upstream having a great time experiencing Canada.

Looking down the stream I see the end of the rapids and a small island with trees on, and that’s when I realize how lucky I am to be there. This internship has brought me so many opportunities in both sites to see, and amazing people to meet, and the rapids will certainly be something I will remember for a long time. 

  • by Matt Scully