Meet the Interns!


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Hello! My name is Sara and Iʼm very happy to meet you!  I'm on a great adventure of discovering and rediscovering the wonders of the world, both external and internal. From the mountains, rivers and valleys that surround us, to the vast complex horizons within us. “Seeing the world with eyes incapable of nothing but wonder” has been the way I have been trying to live for the past couple of years, and boy is there much to see! Iʼm an artist, adventurer, reader, mover, and many things in between.  I fidget a lot, mostly because in my head Iʼm probably thinking of a new project to start working on, while my hands are ready to get going on that thing my mind hasnʼt decided on yet.

There is a famous quote that says, “the creative adult is the child who has survived” and so with that in mind, I am very happy to be joining BeetleBarrow studios and working along side other creatives, both learning and contributing to the many unique ways we manifest our creativity.

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Sara is a graduate from OCAD in the drawing and painting program.  In the fall, she's headed off to do her masters at the University of Alberta.  



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I’m Matthew Scully, a first year Gender and Women’s Studies major at Trent University in Peterborough. Although I am in university and not taking art, art is still one of the most important aspects of my life which I try to include in almost everything I do. Most of my art consists of sketches and watercolour paintings but I am always discovering new mediums to experiment with like clay, ink, or gouache. Most of my free time is spent with friends discovering new interesting places around Peterborough and making either art or crafts with them. Although I love art, I am also very passionate about social issues surrounding discrimination of any kind and I try to bring knowledge around these issues to people whenever I can. Plants and gardening really interest me as hobbies as well as art of course. With those hobbies I am wanting to go in to either some kind of art or go to school for horticulture in a couple years after I finish my degree. I am hoping to bring my ideas from my sketchbook to bigger finished pieces and really improve my art and find myself growing throughout my time at BeetleBarrow studios.