Homemaking for Hipsters

Looking to expand your mindfulness?  Want to be able to make healthier choices?  Missed out on those skills your grandmothers took for granted?  The weekend will be dedicated to considering how to enrich our daily lives with the simple pleasures of making things ourselves, and will be spent in a combination of the kitchen and the studio.  

In the kitchen:

  • Breadmaking - Learn to make crusty artisanal loaves of bread using all natural ingredients.  This workshop will also explore different techniques for kneading and decorating your loaves. 
  • Ice Creams and Granitas - Try your hand at making your own ice cream and granitas.  This workshop will also cover the basics of custards, caramels, and candy making!! 
  • Jewel Coloured Jellies - Capture the bounty of the season in your own jewel-coloured jellies.  This workshop covers the basics of canning, and the particular techniques of jelly-making.
  • Soaps and Scrubs - Looking to control what you put on your skin?  This workshop will explore the basics of making soaps and scrubs.  

In the studio:

  • Knitting - Working with beautiful hand dyed fibres, learn, refresh, or upgrade your knitting skills.  We'll touch on choosing and reading patterns as well as troubleshooting classic knitting problems.   
  • Sewing - Learn your way around a sewing machine, and play with piecing fabrics by making a simple shopping bag.  Once we've mastered that, we'll move onto quilting!!
  • Quilting - Daunted by the sheer size and commitment of a quilt?  Learn many quilting techniques by making a small quilted clutch.  By the end, you'll either be addicted enough to quilting that you'll have the energy to commit, or you'll know enough to appreciate the beauty and workmanship that goes into a full sized quilt.  

CostsThis retreat costs $295.  All materials are provided. 

Spaces Available: 8

Offered:  June 16 - 18, or September 22 - 24, 2017 

Visit the 2017 Retreats page for general information about the retreats

To register, email makers@beetlebarrow.ca