About us

BeetleBarrow Studios is the partnership of a couple of women who are artists and makers. Chandra lives in Hamilton and Lindsay lives in Beamsville, Ontario.

Shortly after we met in 2010, we started to make books together: Japanese Stab, Western, Coptic, Quilted, Accordion...you get the idea.  It was inspiring to work together.  We shared our paper stashes, and various techniques, and any ideas we had... and it opened a whole new realm of possibility for each of us.  Then Lindsay showed Chandra how to quilt, and there was no stopping them.  And thus BeetleBarrow was born. It's a place for us to explore our work and craft, and to inspire each other and others.

We love making and we especially love teaching others to share our fun!  We teach a variety of workshops, run a summer retreat, make art and objects of beauty to sell, and share our love of making with anyone willing to listen.

We are named "BeetleBarrow" because we have inherited our love of making beautiful and wonderful things from our mothers, grandmothers, and other strong women in our lives. Thank you Mmes. Beadle and Leatherbarrow whose names we take to honour all of you.

Email us at makers@beetlebarrow.ca