Hamilton Craftstock 2013

I can honestly say, we have met some of the best people in Hamilton this weekend! Thanks for coming out to CraftStock and having a chat with us!
I'd love to say "now look at these pictures to see how groovy it was!" But I can't because my camera somehow had a perception filter around it and no pictures got taken. But you can visit the CraftStock Facebook page to see a few.

We had a ton of our new books out for sale and you can find some of them in our Etsy Shop. Let us know if you're local to the Hamilton/Niagara area, and we can arrange a quick pickup for you so you have it in time for Christmas. We'll have more posted soon, so come back and check it out! The quickest way to get there is to click that link there or visit our Shop page, which is a direct Etsy link. If you saw something on our booth at Craftstock that you just have to have, but isn't listed online, send us an email and if we still have it, it's yours!

Tomorrow we'll be announcing our free book winner from those that joined our mailing list!!