Summer Bookbinding Retreat Review

Well the summer is over and so we wrap up our favourite event of the year!

As I write this, I'm sitting out on the edge of a school field while the children are having gym out in this lovely weather. It's a perfect place because the weekend was all about playing and learning and sunshine. The swings swing gently with no one on them and I still feel the joy of those few days.

Five amazing women joined us this year up at Cedars and here's what we set out to make together:

Upcycled Coptic (Reclaimed Cover)

Hardcover Western

Hardcover Coptic

Japanese Stab

Playful Single Signature

Almost all of us met on Friday afternoon, and we relaxed with Bola Ball on the bank of Crow River Bay. A deceptively simple game, and a perfect way to settle in and become friends.

We assembled that evening and were all met with the most delicious hors d'oveurs made by our marvellous Kate the Cook. If you're wondering, that's bocconcini wrapped in garden fresh basil, and a cherry tomato, with a slight crack of ground sea salt to make it go POW in your mouth. Welcome to the weekend dear friends.

Friday evening was all choosing paper and cool stuff to upcycle. Oh the potential! I myself couldn't wait to see what they would be made into. Our ladies made big piles of paper they fell in love with, as well as old books to upcycle into new ones. Among the collection, there was lots of interesting chiyogami to flip through. For stuff to upcycle, we had Monopoly boards, wonderful novels, children's books, mysteries and Maureen here found a cigar box. Wait till you see what she did with that treasure.

Bright and early Saturday we woke to Kate's quiche and so much fresh air. You can see the workspace is behind everyone. Cookhouse at Cedars is newly renovated from a shell of a building covered with tarps, to a fully functional kitchen, two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and lots of space to work and eat. And so much light with the best view of the water ever.

Homemade quiche, and bacon the way you like it. 

And so we begin with the sewing, cutting and gluing.

Making memories.

Sewing signatures.

Helping each other with the tricky bits...that's what friends are for.  

A well earned delicious lunch with our ladies and the rest of the Rice family.

Cedars is a property with a whole series of buildings with fabulous names: Thistledown, Birds, Cook House, Writers, Boat House (that one's more literal, but you get it). 
There is a swing, dock, trampoline, and lots of space to breathe, even when there's 19 people sitting at the table!

Saturday was such a beautiful day, and the water called out.

Back to work. Time to glue!
Who can resist a mountain of cookies? 
Western Hardcovers snug for the night. Not quite "in" the press, but certainly pressed! What a mighty stack of books. I couldn't wait to show the ladies in the morning, what they had done. Best way to end the day.

Sunday morning mist just steps from our working space.

But before we work, Fritata!

Ok, now we work. 
When we say "modern tricks of the trade", this is mostly what we mean.

A sewing circle for the Japanese Stab. 
I think this book was the favourite for the weekend.

(This is really a group of ladies juggling. Right ladies?! They are excellent jugglers.)

Patty's original artwork made a STUNNING cover. Took my breath away.

Ann fell in love with this stitch. No gluing required!

Chiyogami is so beautiful, how can you cut it? Because it turns out like this:

Our children's artwork can become this: (I've just got...allergies...*sniff*)

Thank you so much dear friends, for coming on this journey with us! 
Look at all your treasures!

A mountain of books from a mountain of heart. 
(That's me in the top top left!)

Have a wonderful fall my dear ones! 

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