Recycled Jeans and Angry Birds

Last week was fun. And busy! Besides Wayzgoose, we were also getting ready for a Birthday Party for a girl turning The big One-Zero.
She is very aware of her role on this planet to recycle and reduce waste, so not only was she wearing a "Think Green" tshirt, but she made her banner out of stuff from the recycling box. How awesome is that?
Even her cake was the three arrows of reduce-reuse-recycle. Our kind of girl.

So she of course decided that the Reclaimed Covers book was what she wanted to make with her friends. We immediately ordered Bingo cards from a vintage Etsy seller, rescued from game sets no longer played with.
They arrived on Thursday. Whew! Nick of time!

I had a lovely morning before my kids woke up, one day, cutting up jeans that Chandra's son had grown out of, and some of mine as well. There's no need to chuck jeans when there's books to be made! Heavens, no.

Sunday, the birthday at last! The nicest group of kids ever marched through the door, one-by-one, and they all sat, ready to roll in front of their mats and bingo cards. We walked through the process together, and they helped each other and then stamped their names into their own hand-made books.

But who can stop at just one? I mean, really? Bring the jeans! Fetch the buttons! Summon the Duck Tape! (Ok, Duck Tape isn't strictly reused, but it's generally loved by the DIY Eco-community. It's pretty perfect.


Chandra and I love collecting and so mercifully the workshops and parties like this one give us a reason to collect. Otherwise one might consider us "hoarders". Maybe one day. But for now, it's "inventory". We considered bringing everything, just in case, but settled on buttons and outgrown kids' clothes. (And for those of you who've been to one of our workshops, you know what "everything" means.

So after all that, those young women had made one of the finest collection of upcycled books I've ever seen. Good job women! May you not sorrow in out growing your favourite jeans or lament the the loss of too many game pieces. Just get the Duck Tape and transform it into a book!