Creating and Engaging

I've been thinking about Making and the work we do to make things we love. The Engagement. Here's the truth: Making books takes some work. It involves stages of production, patience (and troubleshooting,) and care. There are also joyful and exciting creative choices to be made. You make the choices, you set to work, and go through the stages with careful execution. And then, *sigh*, there is a wonderful moment when you can see the final result of it all, and you find that all that work has also contributed to the anticipation and happiness you feel when you're holding your finished book in your hand. And it's all been worth it. All for that feeling.

I have found this to be a recurring pattern in Life, not just in Craft, and I'd like to explore it a bit here, if you'll indulge me.

The sun is shining, and I am soaking in the spring, here on my front deck. But the yard will not take care of itself, and my family has decided to plant a vegetable garden. I've actually been wanting to do this since we moved in three years ago, bit there's always been something: just moved in, just had a baby, just starting a new job...but this is the year. Ted found a great book called "Get Outside: The kids guide to fun in the great outdoors"

It is separated by seasons and among many other things, describes how to plant a garden in nice simple terms. Yay. They don't seem to care if you use goat compost or penguin mulch.
Top soil + peat or compost + marigolds + seeds. My kind of book.
We've cut out the spot, moved the sod to fill in some shabby lawn spots, and now, as soon as the aforementioned baby now toddler wakes up, we're off to get seeds etc.

My girls are really into this. They've been helping to dig and haul the sod, to pull the weeds and water the replaced sod. And it makes me so happy to see it. They are understanding that you don't just *have* a garden that grows things, simply because you want it. Life is doing the work to create, and engaging with what you've made, and enjoying the love you feel in having done it.