Art Crawlin' in the Rain

If the Hundred Acre Wood and James Street North ever resembled each other, it was last Friday night.And just like Pooh and Piglet (though for different reasons) nobody stayed inside.

When the downpour made walking less fun than you might think, we made some new friends. We were serenaded by a couple of buskers with a guitar and a lovely voice. Thanks for choosing our awning! (Though I can't remember your names, I invite you to leave them in the comments. I take great pride in shouting out our Crawl connections.) And Willie - the pilot whose fellow blues band members didn't show - kept us company in the worst of it and gave us weather updates from his satellite connection!

Mr. CIA - the limo driver in his slick three piece suit and infectious grin, despite the rain - kept us in stitches with commentary on the crawl, this unexpected event he happened upon while he was waiting for his concert-going customers.

And the rain kept coming down, and the city looked beautiful in a way I've never seen before. Usually one stays inside on a night like this one, but not the Crawlers. I have to improve my night photography so I can record this better next spring.

On a quick break at Ola's (one can't be doors down from there without getting some tarty love), we bumped into Melanie who came to our Reclaimed Covers workshop at HumblePie. It's always lovely to catch up with fellow bookbinders. She came by our table later with friends! 

We were both properly dressed this time. Remember last month? So good not to be wet AND cold.

"Would you like a bookmark with a bug on it?" Our favourite give-away knocks upon the door of conversation and it's wonderful when you answer. 
In fact, this is how I ran into Amanda and Jeanette who I went to art school with years ago. I nearly didn't recognize Amanda because the last time I saw her, she had the most marvellous blue hair.  It's black black now, but her smile is still the same. (She'll help you get your Vixen on.)

See you next month friends!