Is it spring yet?

Spring line-up is on it's way! But in the meantime, Art Crawl!

I think after February's storm, Hamilton Art Crawlers were (further) toughened up to the weather.  There had been freezing haily rain for a few days, but in all of the Crawl tweets and Facebook posts, there were no "maybes" or "ifs". Hail be damned. And so it was. The rain stopped mid-afternoon and it was a 99.5% dry night.

Our experience.  Let's start by introducing you to our street neighbour, Dan Morreale who has good insight into the 100 mile diet.

We set up across from the Armory, and Chandra's friend Sandor came by and he told me that this wall used to be his house, from way back when he first came to Canada.  Now it's a big brown wall, but I think someone picked up on the home vibe.

We met Howard Stern. We're good friends now.  He has one of our bookmarks.

It was absolutely freezing! As you can see above, Chandra only had on her leather jacket, and I had on my Converse, and the only way we could keep warm (besides getting hugs from Howard), was to dance to the guitar/bodhran band across the street and sing along to Barett's Privateers.

I handed out a bookmark to this lovely couple, and got handed back an invitation to Zombie Prom! Check out the invite below. Miss Zombie is hoping for a Carrie-esque blood dumping.

We packed up when we couldn't feel our toes and fingers, and warmed up in Mulberry's and I bought this gorgeous print called Umbrella Girl by Jen Hsieh of Sorry You're Happy that made me think of my girls. I was going to post a picture, but you really should visit her gallery of illustrations.  They're gorgeous.

As I ran out of my home tonight, I'd promised my family some tart goodness (I think there's a picture earlier in this blog), so we ran here and met this lovely lady who very happily took my $6.25 for a half dozen tart-goodness. And then we danced to the brass band playing Thriller in the next room. Our Facebook Page has a video of the hoopla.  I've never known a bakery like this one.  Never.

Thank you #HamOnt for another great evening!  We love you.