Art Crawl Connections

Look at this, it's a week and a half after the Art Crawl, and still nothing posted about our favourite event, where we get to ambush everyone with bookmarks.

I wanted to make a new western bound book before the Crawl; we wanted a fresh example for people to see as they decided about workshops. So we posted a challenge on our facebook page, asking our friends to help us select a paper.  Apparently our facebook friends are cosmically linked - this is the paper they chose, made into a book by me!

From Books - Western
And then look who was spying on us at the Art Crawl from behind our table.

From Art Crawl (March 2013)
Spring is in the air my dears (despite the efforts of that crazy snow yesterday), because we also met this fellow

From Art Crawl (March 2013)
and these lovely workshoppers and friends (who also brought cookies!!)

From Art Crawl (March 2013)
Maybe we'll see you on April 7 and youcan  make a bunny book too